How does your story begin?

Saagasi Events is an Events and Programme Production service which specialises in telling stories through exciting, thematic adventures. Whether you want to be the star of your very own action movie for a day, or follow hidden fairy trails through the magic circle in the woods, we wish to help bring your unique vision into reality.

The core values of Saagasi ("Your Saga" in Finnish) are sustainability and accessibility. What does this mean for your event? Simply put, it means that we're on a perpetual quest to discover new eco-friendly, zero-waste, environmentally responsible methods of creating high-quality content for your enjoyment, while at the same time taking into consideration issues of inclusivity and individual requirements.

Saagasi Events works primarily in Oulu and around the Northern Ostrobothia area. To inquire about services outside the region, please don't hesitate to ask. You can contact us via or by filling in the form below.

For groups

Saagasi Events offers adventures ranging from small, private excursions to the countryside (perfect for families or groups of travellers looking to experience a closer connection to nature) to the full-blown Viking-style feast of your dreams. We're delighted that most of our ready-made programmes either are accessible or can be made accessible with some changes.

  • Elves, Gnomes and Fairy Folk: A guided hike along the beautiful Lemmenpolku ("Path of Love") nature trail that snakes along the grand vistas of the Oulu river and through forested foot paths framed by birches, spruces and pine trees. While surrounded by the elements, you will learn about different nature spirits and ways in which Finns have sought to appeal to them for protection and good fortune. Duration 1-2 hours, price 25 € per person (minimum charge for 4 people). Additional services (transportation, meals) available.

  • Sauna & Stories: Leave your everyday worries behind and enjoy a relaxing, unhurried moment at a traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna... after paying proper respects to Saunatonttu, the spirit protector of saunas, of course. Afterwards, sit down by the fire with a hot drink in hand and listen to a reading of select stories from Finnish folklore and legends. Duration ~2 hours, price 38 € per person (minimum charge for 4 people). Additional services (transportation, meals, overnight stay) available.

  • Fireside Magic: Take a short guided walk through the forest to open up your senses to the spirits that were so central to the ancient Finns' way of life, before sitting down by the warm fire at the seer's hut. There, if you wish, your future and fortune will be revealed through the magic of the Runes. Do not be troubled, for the hut is a place of healing and tranquillity. Duration 1-2 hours, price 30 € per person (minimum charge for 4 people). Additional services (transportation, meals, overnight stay) available.

  • Elves, Gnomes and Fairy Folk, Sauna & Stories and Fireside Magic, combined together, make for an excellent all-day excursion into the forest and into the Finnish mindscape. When ordered together, the total price of the programme package is 85 € per person (minimum charge for 4 people). A light meal and tea/coffee is included in the price.

For businesses and organisations

Want to take your next networking event or workplace wellbeing day to a whole new level? Why not invite Saagasi Events to take care of some or even all of the arrangements? We offer personalised services designed to suit and enhance your ideas. Pick your programme from below or contact us to start developing your own!

  • Fairy Tales for Everyone: Our accomplished storyteller Tuomas will whisk you away into far-away realms with a reading from the fairy tale of your choice. For an even more magical reading, we can book a special location that fits the feel of the story. (Prices start at 80 €/30 min + VAT 10%)

  • Virtual Realities: Escape the confines our reality for a moment to experience a virtual world with our VR game package! (Prices start at 80€/60 min + VAT 10%) 

  • Tabletop Adventures: Our talented and hilarious storytellers improvise a tabletop RPG adventure (á la Critical Role) in front of your very eyes! Join the fun by giving suggestions for the characters' actions, or even taking on the role of a hero yourself! This programme can encompass an almost infinite variety of story genres and moods -are you hungry for a Cthulhu horror story? A farcical comedy set in your office? A classic Barbarian Fantasy tale? A heartwarming children's story? We can do it all (Recommended duration 1-3 h, prices start at 120€ + VAT 10%)

  • Board Game Night: Gather a group of people and sit down for an evening of fun, competition and co-operation! Saagasi Events will bring in 10-20 fast-paced and easy-to-learn board games, with instructors ready to teach the rules so you can concentrate on winning. 😉 Suitable for groups of up to 50 people. (Prices start at 150€ + VAT 10%)

  • Medieval Feast: Sword fighting! Troubadours and jesters! Delicious, hearty food cooked to perfection! Celebrate a milestone or give thanks to your community with this all-in-one party package fit for a king. (Prices start at 400€ + VAT 10%)