Saagasi Events ("Your Saga" in Finnish) specialises in providing story-led experiences which draw from history, fairy tales and fantasy - in short from the stories we as humans have always told and continue to tell each other. 

I am passionate about the stories we as humans have always told and continue to tell one another. For years, I have immersed myself in Nordic folklore, and love sharing their wisdom with others. I have a Master's Degree in English Philology, with a special focus on mythology, ethics and anthropology.

I am also a long-time RPG geek, having played my first game almost 15 years ago. I want to spread the joy of table-top role-playing games to new audiences and new groups of people, whatever their background.

Spirits of Hearth and Home - Tonttu in Finnish Folklore

New to Finland? Do you wish you could understand the Finnish way of life a little better? As humans, we are deeply influenced by the stories we tell one another. Come along and hear some of the stories that makes Finns who they are!

During the experience you will learn something new about the role of tonttus (Finnish spirits of the household) in local folklore, customs, and the Finnish mindset. You will also craft your own tonttu keepsake out of felt and other natural materials. After creating our tonttus, we will welcome them into the world with a short ceremony.

All this will take place over a cozy cup of a hot beverage of your choice in a magical and athmospheric fantasy tavern (Tarinoiden taverna), a short walk from centre of Oulu.

Prices from 40 €/adult, 30€/child, duration approx. 1 hour

Immersive Storytelling Games at a Fantasy Tavern

Are you an RPG newbie or a seasoned D&D geek? 

Whether you've never rolled a die in your life or you have 20+ years of role-playing experience, join us at the Tavern of Tales for an enchanting evening of magic, might, and heroic adventures!

With its sights, sounds and tastes, our tavern room provides a unique, memorable and enjoyable atmosphere for your role-playing stories. Our game masters are fluent in English and bursting with ideas to aid you in your quest.
The price includes the services of a game master and everything needed in the game session, as well as light snacks and finger food to complete the tavern atmosphere. Coffee and tea are provided in delightful earthenware cups and tankards.

Prices from 50 €/person, duration approx. 3 hours